How to cope with moving countries

This is a blog for anyone who is struggling with a move, or about to make a move. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about.

Main worries

"It's okay to be scared- because that means you are about to do something, really, really brave. "

I'm going to give you a little bit of background on my life; so my dad has a job that means we have to move every couple of years [usually halfway round the globe], and I wish I had someone I could relate to when I was going through it.

So, I was born in Hong Kong, moved to India, then to Doha, then Johannesburg, then to England, to Singapore, then back to England. I know... it's a lot.

But one thing I took from all that moving is that IT IS WORTH IT. Don't get me wrong- I have had my fair share of crying and shouting at my parents- but looking back on it, I wouldn't change a thing.

Main Problems I Faced

  • Friendships- one thing I was really worried about was my friends; would they stay in contact with me? Would I have new friends in my next home? What if they don't like me? Let me tell you- people are drawn to interesting people, and just the fact that you are moving will make you more interesting than 80% of the world! Have faith in yourself, you will make friends!

  • Schools- everyone wants to make a good first impression at your new school. But don't change yourself for it- be yourself [people will love you]. If you are changing curriculums- don't be afraid to ask for help. No one will judge you for it!

  • What you are leaving behind- one of the things that has always been on my mind every time I move is; why would I move when I have everything I need where I am? This is the hardest one to come to terms with; for me it was leaving my horse behind. The only advice I can give you for this one is to just think about what you are gaining from this move; becoming more culturally aware, being brave, experiencing new things, exploring the world, expanding your knowledge, making connections all around the world. It is so worth it in the end, but yes, there will be many sacrifices.

Communicate with your parents

Let them know what you are going through. Ask questions, visit your new home, make arrangements [I'm not saying bribe them- but you know that thing you have wanted for a while? Yeh, now is a good time to ask for that.

Be aware of how everyone else is feeling

I have three siblings, and I never even thought about how they would be taking the moves- but they're your family, you are all in this together [please excuse the High School Musical reference]. But it's true- support your family, and they will support you back.

Remember- You will be okay!

Drop me an email at [] if you have any more questions or you need some more personalised advice. :)

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