EUPHORIA!! worth the hype??

In simple terms... Y E S!!!

My experience with Euphoria personally was incredible. It was interesting to see how they portrayed the reality of being a teenager in this day and age. The actors made the characters relatable in what they were going through- regardless of wether you had gone through the struggles yourself.

Not only was the storyline beautiful. The characters, the makeup, the music was all done so elegantly in order to portray the storyline and the emotions. My personal favourite aspect was the music- Labyrinth did an amazing job at creating the soundtrack [Mount Everest is my favourite song at the moment!]

Now, let's do a run-through of all of the main characters...

RUE- Zendaya portrays the recovering drug addict, Rue. We see her struggle with her addiction throughout the whole season.

JULES- Hunter Schafer portrays the transgender Jules starting out in a new school in a new town. She explores her journey to womanhood and her sexuality.

MADDY- Alexa Demie embodied Maddy Perez, the popular girl trying to come to terms with her abusive relationship with Nate.

NATE- Jacob Elordi portrays Nate, struggling to come to terms with his sexuality, his father's sexuality and his anger issues.

CASSIE- Sydney Sweeny plays Cassie- a girl who's father left due to a drug addiction when she was younger. She tries to get validation from men and we see the development of her relationship with McKay.

KAT- Barbie Ferreira explores her character, Kat's struggle with body image and her acceptance of her beauty and sexuality.