These are all the things I wish I knew before I started the International Baccalaureate

Choosing IB is a huge decision that you need to take seriously... so here are the pros and cons that I have picked up with my own personal experience.

"IB is known to us as an excellent preparation. Success in an IB program correlates well with success."- Harvard University

What to know about the IB

The IB consists of 6 subjects- 3 higher level subjects and 3 standard level subjects. Out of these 6 subjects, they are graded out of 7 based on your final exam you would have in your second year. Additionally, you have to write an extended essay and study TOK [theory of knowledge] which consists of a presentation and an essay.


  • You are better prepared for university [if that is the path you want to take]

  • You gain critical thinking skills

  • It really impresses University admissions- it is more likely for Universities to pick an IB student over an A-level student [if they are performing at the same level]

  • The learning strategy is based on real world situations [which is Self-directed learning]

  • You take a holistic approach to your learning as all subjects are connected, not isolated from one another

  • It gives you international mindedness [you have to take a range of subjects]


  • Intensity of the course- it is no surprise that it is a very intense course, you may as well say goodbye to free periods and weekends

  • It is a very heavy workload for the students who take it [ trust me! ]

  • You need to be very widely educated as you need to take subjects in 6 different areas

  • You will not be prepared for all the work unless you are extremely organised

  • You must stay on top of all the work!

So, if i'm being honest- you need to reflect upon yourself and see if you can handle it.